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Child Custody Lawyers Melbourne - Legal Advice on Child Matters

A major consideration for parents who separate is how the children of the relationship will be cared for post-separation. As there will be a change in both parents’ circumstances, it is important that each parent is given the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with their children. Contact today best child custody lawyers Melbourne.

As an Accredited Family Law Specialist, our Thexton Lawyers has over 10 years experience in helping separating parents come to an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. Our law firm has been involved in a vast array of child custody and other matters in the Family Courts, including:-

• Equal time – where both parents were able to spend time with their young daughter for one-week each;

• Recovery orders – where one parent unilaterally removed a child from the other parents care and would not return them;

• Drug and alcohol issues – where it was deemed that one parent did not have the capacity to care for the children unsupervised; and

• Child support payments – where a parent who had accumulated a substantial child support debt was able to have the debt significantly reduced.

Separated parents often succumb to additional pressure because they fear that the children will suffer because of the separation. It has been shown that when both parents actively engage in the care and time they spend with the children, this fosters a positive environment for the children that is conducive with stable development. Contact today best child custody lawyers Melbourne.

You will often find that attending a Family Relationship Centre is the most beneficial path parents can initially take post-separation. This is a free government funded service that helps both parents meet with an experienced mediator who works to enable separating families come to achieve workable parenting arrangements outside the Court system.

In the event that both parents are unable to enter into a parenting plan, the Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner will issue both parents with a section 60I certificate. This certificate is required by the Family Courts before the Court will make a decision about how the children should be cared for.